System of a down - A.D.D (American Dream Denial) Lyrics

We fought your wars with all our hearts
You've sent us back in body parts
You took our wills with the truth you stole
We offer prayers for your long lost soul

The remainder is an unjustifiable, egotistical power struggle
At the expense of the American dream, of the American dream
Of the American

We don't give a damn about your world
With all your global profits
And all your jeweled pearls
We don't give a damn about your world
Right now(x2)

We don't give a f**k about your world
With all your global profits
And all your jeweled pearls
We don't give a f**k about your world
Right now(x4)

There is no flag that is large enough
To hide the shame of a man in cuffs
You switched the signs, then you closed our blinds
You changed the channel, then you changed our minds

The remainder is an unjustifiable, egotistical power struggle
At the expense of the American dream, of the American dream
Of the American

We don't give a damn about your world
With all your global profits
And all your jeweled pearls
We don't give a damn about your world
Right now(x2)

We don't give a f**k about your world
With all your global profits
And all your jeweled pearls
We don't give a f**k about your world
Right now(x8)

No flag large enough
Shame on a man in cuffs
They closed our blinds

The remainder is an unjustifiable, egotistical power struggle
At the expense of the American dream, of the American dream
Of the American

We don't give a damn about your world
With all your global profits
And all your jeweled pearls
We don't give a damn about your world
Right now(x2)

We don't give a f**k about your world
With all your global profits
And all your jeweled pearls
We don't give a f**k about your world
Right now(x7)


Nowadays are the awful days of this year.
I hate the people who mash the ambitions of the youth.
They can never feel our feelings. I wish they will encounter with problems that they make for the others.
We're the victims of the others' decisions or may it be their ignorance.
No one save us from this mire, and everyday we mire so that the ignorants stand up themselves much more than before!
I hope the day that we get rid of all disasters in the life.

Rapidshare Tricks, Megaupload, Yousendit Hacks, Crack

Rapidshare Tips & Tricks ( | Megaupload Account

This article has tips on how to beat Rapidshare time limit, get a free premium Rapidshare account password, search rapidshare and Download multiples files using Rapidshare grabber script. Feature tricks to resume broken downloads with Rapidshare download manager.

Free unlimited large file hosting services like rapidshare de, yousendit and megaupload let you share and transfer big files on the internet. If a file is too large to send as an email attachment, just upload it to any of these sites and email the link to the recipient.

You can upload large files be it music videos (dat, flv, wmv, avi, mpeg, 3gp), audio files, mp3 songs, games, software (iso, rar, zip), cell phone ring tones, ebooks (pdf, chm, hlp), photos, Microsoft Office documents, CAD drawings, PDF documents, bookmarks and even retail software installers (exe msi) files. Send files of any type and of any size to people who are on a network that doesn't allow large e-mail files.

Quick File Sharing Hack: All these services allow only single files to be sent at a time. If you have more than one file to send, just zip them into an archive using Winzip or any other compression utility.

After your upload a file to rapid share de, you will get two links. The rapidshare file download-link, which you share with other, and a delete-link, which you keep for yourself. The delete-link, when clicked, will remove the file from rapidshare de servers. Just like Megaupload files, rapidshare will delete files that have not been accessed for 30 days or longer. Rapidshare premium account supports download managers and provide much faster downloads. Note that rapidshare happy hours service is no longer available. Progress bar to show how much is uploaded.

No registration is required. File Size Limit: 250 MB. Your uploaded files will be deleted only after it become unused for 30 days. So, if many of your friends download it, over and over again, the files will always be there. The Megaupload site allows only one download at a time from a IP address. The site blocks more attempts than that. Progress bar to show how much is uploaded

YouSendIt - Share really big files
Unlimited YouSendIt lets you send files up to 1GB. YouSendIt can send files securely (https) and scans files for viruses.When you send a file via the YouSendIt Web site, an e-mail goes to your recipient with a link to your file, which is stored securely on YouSendIt's server. The file will stay there for seven days or until it is downloaded 25 times, whichever comes first. You only have to enter a To email address; you are not required to enter a From address. You can also enter an optional message. No registration is required. Recommended large file hosting service.

DropSend is a online tool (with desktop component) that lets you e-mail large files upto 1 GB you wouldn’t normally be able to send via e-mail. It’s free to try and can be used via Mac or Win machines.

No signup is required.Bigupload lets you send files upto 2000MB. If nobody downloads your file for 30 days, it is automatically deleted. Progress bar to show how much is uploaded. Can be integrated with MySpace. 45 seconds wait for download. Easy to remember download page like

Latest Rapidshare Hack
Download RapidShare Link Grab Helper v1.0 - Use download manger to download your rapidshare files and as many files downloading as you want (one file for every proxy you choose).

Step 1. Paste your RapidShare link (hxxp://
Step2. Choose your proxy (one proxy for each file if you want multiple download) or leave blank (as set in your IE)
Step3. Click on Grab
Step4. Type the 3 RED letters in the blank space.
Step5. Copy the RapidShare Direct link and paste it into your Download manager ( FlashGet or IDM, or IDA…etc). Or you can wait for the counter at the bottom to get to zero and click on “ Send to FlashGet”.

YouSendit Hack with Zango
The regular YouSendIt service stores files for 7 days or 25 downloads. But if you install the Zango Search Assistant tool, YouSendIt service stores files for 14 days or 25,000 downloads, whichever comes first. Zango Search Assistant shows relevant ads by 180solutions.

Rapidshare Hacks

How to disable the download counter in IE or Firefox
While waiting for download, type javascript:c(countdown = 0); in the browser addressbar to eliminate the rapidshare countdown (waiting) feature. If this trick doesn't work, try the alternative below:

1. Click the Free button to initiate the download for rapidshare website
2. As the countdown timer begins, type the following URL in the location bar and press enter or click the Go button. The rapidshare direct download link should appear immediately.

The third option to byepass waiting time in Firefox is by using Greasmonkey extension and installing rapidshare.user.js script (rapidshare no wait). RapidLeecher is another PHP script for, Megaupload and MyTempDir services for immediate and simultaneous multiple downloads using proxy servers.

Bypass the Rapidshare data download limit
Rapidshare limits each user to a certain amount of downloading per day based on the users IP address. You can easily cheat rapidshare by showing a different IP address.

1. Clear your browser cookies.
2. Open the command prompt (Start - Run - cmd.exe)
3. Run the following simple commands:
ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew
4. Type exit to close the DOS window. Restart the rapidshare download job.

This trick may not work if your ISP has assigned you a static IP address. (BSNL assigns a dynamic IP)

If Rapidshare block your IP, change proxy
Rapidshare might block an IP from download for sometime. To byepass this restriction, change your IP. First obtain a IP and it's port from Then use that IP and port in your browser Connection settings window. Click OK.

Download files from Rapidshare like a Premium user
Install the Flashgot extension to enable integration of Firefox with Flashget download manager. Go to a rapidshare download link once the timer is done right click on it and choose FlashGot Link
from the context menu. Flashget will launch the download window. Choose only 1 split file for the download to work. This works on RAPIDSHARE even without a premium account.

Megaupload Hacks
Search with Google for files on rapidshare or Megaupload servers
The uploaded filename is contained in the Rapidshare and megaupload URLs. This will help us find what is posted on rapidshare/megaupload for download.

To search for ebooks and documents in PDF format on Rapidshare:
pdf ""
To download movies and video files:
To download mp3 files from rapidshare:
To download software, zipped files, programs from rapidshare:

Replace with to search for files available on servers.

Yousendit Hacks
Disable the Yousendit 25 downloads limit
When a file is uploaded to yousendit, it displays a link to your file when the upload process is complete. The link generally looks like the one below:


Append to the above yousendit link, the new URL should now look like:

Load the URL in your browser and download should begin. This trick will not byepass the seven day limit

Unlimited downloads from Yousendit
The YouSendIt link looks like the one below:
See the letter "d" after "" ? Change that letter "d" to an "e" and the link will never die. The d.aspx has the counter on. if it finds there has been more than 25 hits then it refers the user to expired.aspx otherwise it refers you to e.aspx. e.aspx has the download link and does not add any more hits. the link may stay for longer but will not eliminate the 7 day period.

YouSendit Download Manager
You can use most download managers when downloading files from YouSendIt. You can use YSIGet Download Manager. If the download stops before completion, you need to resume a stopped download - click on the original YouSendIt download link to re-open the browser window.

Rapidshare RapidLeech Script
Rapidleech script transfers files from rapidshare and megaupload via your fast servers connection speed and dumps the file on your server.

Rapidshare Megaupload Download Manager
After you choose the download location of the files you're about to download, you just have to insert the link of the file hosted in servers, and click enter, and the program automatically starts to download the file, you just wait about 15 to 45 seconds for the download to start.

Download Rapidshare download manager here.

See the screenshot above to see the contents of All In One Rapidshare Hacks software. Also download Rapidshare Instant Downloader and Rapidshare Leecher v 3.0 PHP scripts.

RapidShare introduces Word CAPTCHA
You have requested the file Adobe-Acrobat.pdf (3820923 Bytes). This file has been downloaded 440 times already. IMPORTANT: Download-accelerators are only supported with a PREMIUM-Account! Only free-users: Please enter a three letter CAPTCHA here.

Download Rapidshare & Megaupload Files Searching Plugin for searching RapidShare and MegaUpload file servers from your Firefox or IE browsers.

Rapidshare introduces a free RapidShare folders service - Create your own interactive directories with any RapidShare-files you want. The biggest advantage is that your users can instantly see if all files are available for download or not. You may create as many folders as you want. Even sub-folders are possible. You can also protect your folders and sub-folders with a password. Of course you can edit your folders at anytime.

Free Rapidshare Premium Account
To login into the RapidShare - PREMIUM-Zone without using your credit card or PayPal, During certain periods, Rapidshare provides free premium account to normal users. The free premium rapidshare links are valid for 24 hours. The URL to try is It may be possible that all rapidshare free premium accounts are taken so try again later.

More Rapidshare hacks - Search for files on megaupload and rapidshare
Search Video on Megaupload: avi|mpg|mpeg|wmv|rmvb
Search Audio Music files on MegaUpload: mp3|ogg|wma
Search Software Warez ISO Programs on MegaUpload: zip|rar|exe
Search ebooks and magazine on megaupload: pdf|rar|zip|doc|lit

Search Video on avi|mpg|mpeg|wmv|rmvb
Search MP3 Music cds files on Rapidshare: mp3|ogg|wma
Search full software programs on Rapidshare zip|rar|exe
Search pdf files, documents, ebooks, magazines: pdf|doc|lit|rar|zip

For megaupload and rapidshare searching, narrow down you search for what you want by putting your query at the first part.

Say if you want to search for da vinco code ebook use the query
da vinci code pdf|doc|lit|rar|zip

Say if you want to search for madonna mp3 files and music videos use the query
madonna mp3|wmv

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26.11.05 by Download File hosting Script

I need a file sharing website just like megaupload and rapidshare with all of the features. Don't copy the yousendit php script. Please send me the price. It should allow users to register and upload files and then users can download as either a standard user or as a premium user (paying for access etc). It should be able to generate login and password.

Using Yousendit, you can email a very large 1 GB file to anyone. I need a similar service.
29.11.05 by Rapidshare Must Haves

Download Rapidshare software

Renew IP (RenewIP code to a bat file) - More Rapid DelCookies Link Grabber 3.0, RapidShare 0s, Rapidshare Downloader, All Appz on Rapidshare Search, All Movie on Rapidshare Search, All Ebook on Rapidshare Search, All Files on Rapidshare Search, BitTorrent 4.1.4 Beta, Offline Explorer Enterprise v3.9.2123, Mass Downloader, RapidHarvest Download manager for RapidShare, Internet Download Manager 4.07
30.11.05 by Google Warez Searching Tricks

How to Find MP3 from Google


list of extensions: mp3, movie, mpg, avi, jpg, bmp, zip, rar, pdf, doc

The general command to search these sites is:

inurl:extension site:url
extension site:url

The inurl: syntax restricts the search results to those URLs containing the search keyword. inurl: bollywood will return only links to those pages that have bollywood in the URL.

Similarly, if one has to query for more than one word in an URL then in that case allinurl: can be used. For example: allinurl: etc/passwd will look for the URLs containing etc and passwd. The slash (/) between the words will be ignored by Google.
30.11.05 by Megaupload account creator

Download Full Megaupload account creator, Megaupload account creator keygen, Rapidshare Account Generator, Download Rapidshare Account Generator - generates a legal Rapidshare Account + Password. Get a free premium account with paypal, buy a Rapidshare premium account and get a rapidshare account premium password
3.12.05 by Rapidshare Premium Directory

MegaUploaded.ORG is a catalog of materials, hosted on the servers of, one of world leading file hosting service.

RapidShared.ORG is a catalog of materials, hosted on the servers of, the world leading file hosting service.

Rapid Leech
Rapid Leech is a free server transfer script for use on various popular upload/download sites such as

A catalog of materials, hosted on the servers of Aim of this project is to gather links spread all over the net in one single place and to structurize them in a user-friendly way. Contains eBooks, Software, Games, Magazine, Music and Graphic Software categories.
4.12.05 by Download Adult Magazines in PDF format

Download Playboy PDF
Download Penthouse eBook
Download Hustler PDF
Download Playgirl Magazine at Rapidshare
Mystique Magazine at Megaupload
Download KamaSutra Erotica PDF (High Resolution Pictures)
Download Bollywood Movie DVD and CDs
16.12.05 by DropSend and Dropload Hacks

Now Unlimited Parallel Downloads on are also possible because of tools like the RapidLeecher v 4.1.2 , which allows the use of proxy servers for parallel downloads from Rapidshare, Also, Support's latest RapidShare Premium Account Image Code system.

DropSend supports Safari, Internet Explorer 5.5+ or Firefox. Send files upto 1GB with Dropsend Hacks and store them online.

Dropload - Recipients you specify are sent an email with instructions on how to download the file. Files are removed from the system after 7 days, regardless if they have been picked up or not. You can upload any type of file, mp3, movies, docs, pdfs, up to 100MB each! Recipients can be anyone with an email address
22.12.05 by

i love the megauploaded and rapidshared..
but what are those "download rapidshare premium account crack" said.. the list of username and pwd for premium accounts?
can i know how to use them?
28.12.05 by Rapidshare Crack (Premium Account)

Rapidshare The most recommended but no the most easy to use. Unlimited uploads & downloads ( limited downloads per hour). 50 MB per file. Split-archives allowed. Alternative tutorials: How to use Rapidshare, Rapidshare upload tips, Simultaneous downloads with Rapidshare, Unlimited Rapidshare downloads.
Megaupload A file can be up to 250 MB. It'll host ur file forever for free, until it is unused for 30 days ( If nobody downloads your file for 30 days, it is automatically deleted). All typefiles.
Spread-it A file can be up to 500 mb. It'll host ur file for 14 days. Without downloads limit or waiting times
File factory 500 Mb limit per file. No download limit. Read the FAQ'S.
Share Big File Size Limit: 300 MB. Unlimited simultaneous downloads, fast servers and files available for 21 days.
Quickdump Size Limit: 100 MB. Unlimited uploads. All file formats. Host ur file forever (If a File was not downloaded for 30 days, it will be deleted). There is an hourly download Limit of 500MB.
You Send It A file can be up to 1 GB. Ur file will be deleted after 7 days or 25 downloads, whichever occurs first. Uzful tutorial: Disabling Yousendit download limit.
My Share Box Max file size: up to 100 MB. Unlimited uploads. Unlimited downloads If ur file is inactive for 30 days, it'll be removed automatically.
Easy Sharing Files up to 75 Mb can be uploaded. Unlimited downloads. Unlimited number of uploaded files. Split archives not allowed. Each file will remain on servers for 1 month since the last time it was downloaded. After upload process you'll get linking code to the file as well as a link for file deletion.
Save File Files up to 60 Mb can be uploaded. All filetypes except bat, pl, cgi, js, exe and php files. Ur files can be downloaded unlimited times. No bandwidth limit.
Z Upload Free file hosting server which allows u to share files up to 500mb each, all with no bandwidth limits. Unlimited uploads. All filenames and file extensions supported.
MooLoad 500 MB file upload limit. No set limits on downloads.
Rapid Upload 300mb upload space. no download and bandwidth limits.
Upload Hut All file types allowed (except .php) Max Size: 50000 KB. It keeps files online at least 1 month.
Send Me File Upload limit: unlimited (50 Mb per file). No set limits on bandwidth.
My Temp Dir Maximum file size 40 Mb. It keeps ur file up to 21 days after upload. There are no space or bandwidth limitations.
Upload 2 Max file size 25 Mb. File will be saved on server for 1 year.
Put File Max file size 10 Mb (25 Mb with free registration). Unlimited file uploads. Ur own homepage.
11mbit File limit: a maximum of 20MB per file. Unlimited downloads.
Ez Upload 10 megabyte upload limit with unlimited downloads, files hosted for unlimited time limit so long as active.
Craze Files U can upload a file up to 20 Mb and as many files as you like. Files will be stored for two weeks or untill they are downloaded 50 times each. Sends the links to the recipient's email address you enter in their upload form.
Keep My File Uploaded files may have a maximum size of 15 MB each. Uploaded images may have a size up to 2.5 MB. No split files allowed. No warez allowed.
Upload DX Maximum File Size is 3 MB. All file types. No set bandwidth limit.
Sendspace The maximum file size that can be uploaded is 1200MB. Files can be split. The total size of all files uploaded cannot exceed 1200MB in 24 hours for each uploader. Each file has a download bandwidth limit of 100GB. For example, a file that is 100MB can be downloaded 1020 times before the limit of 100GB is reached. The file will be automatically deleted when the 100GB bandwidth limit per file has been reached or after 14 days of file inactivity.
2.1.06 by

Here's another: Megashares Max 1.5GB, split files, no daily/max gb download limits, file is deleted after 25 days without a download, file search!, all filetypes.
4.1.06 by Rapidshare Premium Account Javascript

Open the Megaupload or Rapidsare URL of the application, movie, software or whatever you have to download.

Click on Free and not the Premium Button

The counter is right on the bottom. Go to the URL on top, and in the address bar write javascript:alert(c=1)

You should be able to download without no timer.

Javascript hack for megaupload unlimited download

29.1.06 by

Does anyone have information for Macintosh users?
3.2.06 by shashi

it seems silly..but still..i would like to..

for 50MB per hour restriction in rapidshare..

Problem :- after downloading a 50mb says you have to wait for 1 hr for the next file to download ..

Solution--> just reconnect to the internet..
you will get a new ip and it seems new user to rapidshare...

this has worked daily for me..i use it to download tons of MB's per day continously..

i hope it helps..
thanks :)
12.2.06 by

my name is Ali. sir i read your comments for rapidshare cracking. thanks but i am a cable net user. where the IP not change every day because they use fixed net IP account. so what is the solution for this for rapidshare unlimited downloading because no more download continuing from rapidshare what i am doing plz send me details with software if u have with usage i am very worry about that.
thanks . my mails is
13.2.06 by

Want to share a great filesharing catalog with you. Check out
16.2.06 by

After testing the hacks i found in the net, I Got this message "Get your PREMIUM-Account now! Instant access! (Or wait 1 minutes)". It's been 6 hours now and it still doesn't work. Do you know this problem? I don't know if I messed up with something or the rapidshare site is not working properly.
16.2.06 by

Hi, I've been trying the tips in the net about rapidshare. One of the tips I used is to switch between proxies and I used the SwitchProxy application to do this. I don't know if I messed up with something because I'm getting the message "Get your PREMIUM-Account now! Instant access! (Or wait 1 minutes)" now. It's been 7hrs now since my last download and the message still shows. Would you know what went wrong or the Rapidshare site is just not working? Thanks!
7.3.06 by

my name is Sumit. sir i read your comments for rapidshare cracking. thanks.But biggest disadvantage is it doesn't support RESUME capability of IDM.So I can't download big files.Also I'am using 128kbps dial-up connection.Plz help me out I want to download big files like NBA 2006(630MB).
my e-mail
11.3.06 by

sir i am in in organization and behind the proxies so i cant change the ip. i have tried all the
methods but still having pblm in downloading the files frm the rapid share.after every download i have to wait an hour or so to do the next downloading.
plz help me so that i can download easliy without waiting or how can i download multiple files frm rapidshare.
14.3.06 by

DBUF.COM - wonderful link catalog of, and files!!! Up to 200 links are added daily!!!
FREE!! Download video, mp3, music, ebooks, magazines and software for free! You may post your own links!!!
15.3.06 by

waana free rapidshare accounts go to
22.3.06 by Solve the Rapidshare Time Limit

The rapidshare time limit is the most annoying feature and I really wanted to turn of the rapidhsare time limit feature.

Your javascript above has helped me. Thanks.
22.3.06 by Windows XP SP2 Rapidshare Upload Download

The Windows XP SP2 has a built in firewall. Make sure that you turn it off from XP COntrol panel to prevent file download issues in rapidshare or megaupload.

The rapidshare time limit javascript hack was great. I could circumvent the allowed time limit and no more rapidshare wait.
3.4.06 by Download Rapidshare Golden Pack 2006

The Rapidshare Golden Pack 2006 has all the tools required to crack rapidshare and acquire a free premium account on rapidshare.

- Grabber 1.4 Pro
- Link Geabber 3.0.4
- Proxy Switcher PRO 3.4.3516
- RapidGet 1.0
- Rapidshare Leecher 4.4
- Rapidleech 2.0 (Script)
- Rapidshare Hack (Account Creator)
- Premium Accounts 115
- Rapideshare FileUpper 0.1
- Hide IP Platinum 2.32
6.4.06 by

i tried to use rapidleecher v4.5 beta, but got connection error No.12029 check connection or firewall setting. I am using windows xp with sp2. I changed the firewall setting but still the same error message please help
9.4.06 by

it/s my first visit here...
i've learned much...

and i have one question to ask.. if you don't mind plz...

it's not about hacking anything...
i just downloaded some books from rapidshare...
and i'm surprised, they are .DJVU files...
can you tell me plz what kind a file is .djvu ? and how can i open this failes, acobat reader can't read it... :(

thanks ahead...
9.4.06 by

thanks for all...
i've learned and read much in here :)
but i have one question to ask, if you don't mind plz...

i just downloaded some books from rapidshare... and they are
.DJVU files, acrobat reader couldn't open it... can you tell me please, what kind of file is .djvu ? and how can i open it?

thanks ahead...
18.4.06 by

I can't get Beta Yousendit to resume a download. I've tried the YSI download manager to no avail.

Can anyone help?
19.4.06 by

i use a static IP that means i cannot change it but how can i view the links or should i say content on the rapidshare servers.

Q@. is it possible to crack into the iTunes music data base? if so that is the ultimate thing i would love to do. after all anything is possible when it comes to IT especialy internet.

man your owesome!!
Reply to
7.5.06 by

Javascript hack for megaupload unlimited download


where does the line goes on url address?

like this? javascript:alert(x=1);

A bad event!

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