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Don't Let Your Nest Egg Get Away From You

Don't Let Your Nest Egg Get Away From You
(copied from US News Magazine)


Anti RAP

It's just another music genre. One in my opinion that is destroying music. When you have little kids walking around with dyed blond hair, backwards visors, yelling "YO!", then you know that something is seriously wrong with the world. I had no problem with rap until recently.
With the growing poularity of "Rap-Metal" there are more and more kids believing that this is a great new genre, one that takes talent when it actually lacks it.
Rap-Metal has been around almost as long as rap itself. The band Anthrax for one, started the rap-metal genre. For this they must die.
Metal is now lacking true spirit. When you have rap-metal bullshit bands such as the rising "Limp Bizkit", You have more and more kids liking it and believeing that THIS, bullshit music is real METAL!
The REAL Metal bands are the ones that don't rap for one, like the torch holders of metal, Pantera, Metallica, and even Iron Maiden.
Those are the true metal bands. There is too much …

Tic Tac (تیک تاک)


Fabulous Statues of The World

St. petersburg, Russia

Melbourne, Australia

Stockholm, Sweden

Bratislava, Slovakia

Los Angeles (LA), USA

Brüksel, Belgium

Naples, Italy

Monaco, France

Second Lifeblack


Falling Rocks in Chaloos Road

Falling Rocks in Chaloos Road

A photo essay of side of the montain giving way in the "chaloos" "hezar-cham" expressway to the north, during this past new year holiday.

Runaway Girl

Runaway Girl by Alireza and Hamidreza
Alireza & Hamidreza - Dokhtar Farari
دختر فراری