Your iCloud storage is almost full.

Apple recently sends the following emails to make us upgrade! As you see in my screenshot I have nothing to backup, but my iPhone fills the space with something!!! It is very strange and weird that Apple wants to make us backup on the only option (5GB small space!).

Dear ... ...,

Your iCloud storage is almost full. You have 5 MB remaining of 5 GB total storage.

Upgrade to 50 GB for $0.99 per month

Your iCloud storage is used for iCloud Mail and to keep the most important things on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch safe and available, even if you lose your device. iCloud Drive and apps like Keynote, Pages, and Numbers also use iCloud storage to keep your files up-to-date everywhere.
To continue to use iCloud and to back up your photos, documents, contacts, mail, and more, you need to upgrade your iCloud storage plan or reduce the amount of storage you are using.

The iCloud Team

Note: If you exceed your storage plan, your devices will stop backing up to iCloud. iCloud Drive and iCloud-enabled apps will no longer update across your devices, and you will not be able to send or receive messages with your iCloud email address,

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