frash quotes

Strengthen your heart and encounter future

Love the others so that the others love you

کسی که همیشه برای هر مشکلی راه حلی دارد، هرگز خشمگین و عصبانی نمی شود

برای هر مشکل راه حلی وجود دارد غیر از مرگ!

مرگ در واقع نتیجه جهالت و ناتوانی از یافتن راه حل است، و بدتر از مرگ شهامتی است که قبل از آن از دست می رود

To live is like programming, whatever you upgrade and debug your program further you can get more success

To live is like a chess match, whatever you think about future moves consciously further you can beat your rival (life's problems) sooner

never give your future to the hands of people who you don't love them!

Liar is who thinks by him/herself that nobody can understand his/her lies! so he/she continues his/her actions ...

Lie is a temporary solution for liar to hide his/her weakness but after a while everything becomes worse than ever...

Everything you wanna do has some opponents and proponents. even you belongs to one of groups!

How can you guess that what will happen in future? it's a very difficult Q!

عقل را در جهت حکمتی که به تو صبر و امید می بخشد به کار گیر


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