Hacking Rapidshare

You can download as many files as you wish simultaneously without any premium account from http://rapidshare.de/
You don't need any ticket with your free account!

First of all disable javascript:
tools-->options-->webfeatures--->uncheck the box which says "Enable javascript".

now open the url of the file you wish to download e.g. http://rapidshare...

click on free button
now a page appears which says "ERROR: please enable javascript".

we need to copy the hex code of the source file.
goto view-->page source or click ctrl-u (which pops up the source code of the page)
search (ctrl-f) for keyword "innerHTML = unescape(" and copy all the hex code after it.

now paste the hex code in the navigation url box of firefox.
firefox will decode the hexcode into normal url.
copy the result url between "..." tags and paste into browser, which will download the file without any need of download tickets!

enjoy the hAck!;)

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