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شور ابدی Eternal Passion / آسمان تاریک Dark Sky

شور ابدی Eternal Passion

با تو سر به سکوت و ستاره دوخته ام
و بالاتر از آنی که فکر می کنی پریده ام
تا هوای تو را سیر بخوابم و
عطر انزوای پرنده را
به گوش هفت رویای به تعویق افتاده بیاندازم
چشم در چشم تو
از خیال آسمان گذشته ام
به رنگ جنون سر به سوی تو داده ام
و از کنار هر کوچه
به انتظار و گریه خندیده ام
چه می شود گفت؟
با دلی که درویش و بی پروا
به نام تو زد
تا به رنگ سبز اصالتش
به شفاعت عابران زرد و خسته
از بی عبوری این سکون بی گذشت
قیام کند
روح بلند چنار در تو جاری است
و شهر به هم آغوشی خانه ات افتخار می کند
بگذار سیر بخوابمت
که رویت به هر چه نگاه می کنم زیباست
به شرم ناگهانی این بوسه خو کرده ام
و به هر چه در آن نقش بسته ای چون من سلام می کنم
سلام بر تو ای منجی هزار حس غریق در من شده آواز
سلام بر تو آغوش بلند اطمینان و خاطره
سلام بر بهانه ی راز آلود ملکوت و گریه
سلام! انسان کمیاب ایمان و اعتدال
هزار پاره ی بی دلیل عاشق
از کنار تو آرام به خودم که می آیم
می بینم
کسی پایش را از این جمعه جلوتر می گذارد
و به کوچه های بیدار تقویم سرک می کشد
به خاطراتی که هر از گاهی در آینه رنگ …

GRE (Graduate Record Examination)

GRE (Graduate Record Examination)

Barron GRE CD
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Free GRE test
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Download to link below : 26828823/BarronsGRECD.rar
password :

Cambridge GRE software

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Free GRE test
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Please refer to following link : 26829407/Cambridge_Gre.rar
password :

Here some GRE preparation material you can download directly from here. Enjoy..
Top 1000 wordlist 24143114/
Hang Man Word software 24143247/hang.exe.html
wordgroup 24143352/wordgroups.pdf.html
barron wordlist sorted 24143407/Barron_Sorted.pdf.html
quan 24143551/
verbal 24143632/
New High GRE software 24144350/New_High_GRE.exe.html
real19 GR…

Hacking Rapidshare

You can download as many files as you wish simultaneously without any premium account from
You don't need any ticket with your free account!

First of all disable javascript:
tools-->options-->webfeatures--->uncheck the box which says "Enable javascript".

now open the url of the file you wish to download e.g. http://rapidshare...

click on free button
now a page appears which says "ERROR: please enable javascript".

we need to copy the hex code of the source file.
goto view-->page source or click ctrl-u (which pops up the source code of the page)
search (ctrl-f) for keyword "innerHTML = unescape(" and copy all the hex code after it.

now paste the hex code in the navigation url box of firefox.
firefox will decode the hexcode into normal url.
copy the result url between "..." tags and paste into browser, which will download the file without any need of download tickets!

enjoy the hAck!;)

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)

Toefl samples from 1995-2004
password :
password :

1) Make sure that u don't have proxies when you are downloading from rapidshare.
2)All links contain same content.


This course prepares students for the TOEFL® examination (Test of English as a Foreign Language) which is used as an admission requirement in colleges and universities in the United States and other parts of the world.
This course covers all areas of TOEFL®, which includes 140 questions in four sections: Listening Comprehension, Structure and Written Expression, Reading Comprehension, and the Test of Written English. The first three sections are multiple choice; the fourth contains one essay question.
The course can be used either as a principal textbook in a TOEFL®…

Cryptology and Cryptography

CIPHERTEXT: The encrypted form of the PLAINTEXT.

CODE: An unvarying rule for replacing a piece of information with another object, not necessarily of the same sort e.g. ASCII.

CRYPTANALYSIS: The science (and art) of recovering information from ciphers without knowledge of the key.

CRYPTOGRAPHY: The science of the enciphering and deciphering of messages in secret code or cipher.

CRYPTOSYSTEM: A system for encrypting information.

DECRYPTION: The process of converting the CIPHER back into PLAINTEXT.

ENCRYPTION: The process of converting the PLAINTEXT into a CIPHER.

KEY: The secret information known only to the transmitter and the receiver which is used to secure the PLAINTEXT.

MONOALPHABETIC SUBSTITUTION: A method of encryption where a letter in the plaintext is always replaced by the same letter in the ciphertext.

PLAINTEXT: The source information to be secured.

POLYALPHABETIC SUBSTITUTION: A method of encryption where a letter in the plaintext is not always replaced by the same letter in the cip…

19th International Tehran Book Fair نوزدهمین نمايشگاه بين المللي کتاب تهران

19th International Tehran Book Fair
نوزدهمین نمايشگاه بين المللي کتاب تهران


And the wailing throughout the land because of
the death of Rustem was such as the world hath
not known the like. And Zal was crushed with
sorrow, and Rudabeh was distraught with grief.
And for many moons were no sounds save those
of wailing heard in the courts of Seistan. And
Rudabeh refused to take comfort, and she cried
without ceasing-
“He is gone before us, but we shall follow. Let
us rest our hopes in God.”
And she gave unto the poor of her treasures,
and daily she prayed unto Ormuzd, saying-
“O Thou who reignest above, to whom alone
pertaineth honour and glory, purify the soul of
Rustem from all sin, and grant that he rejoice in
the fruits that he hath sown on earth, and give
him a place beside Thee.”
And now may the blessing of God rest upon all
men. I have told unto them the Epic of Kings,
and the Epic of Kings is come to a close, and the
tale of their deeds is ended.