It's just another music genre. One in my opinion that is destroying music. When you have little kids walking around with dyed blond hair, backwards visors, yelling "YO!", then you know that something is seriously wrong with the world. I had no problem with rap until recently.
With the growing poularity of "Rap-Metal" there are more and more kids believing that this is a great new genre, one that takes talent when it actually lacks it.
Rap-Metal has been around almost as long as rap itself. The band Anthrax for one, started the rap-metal genre. For this they must die.
Metal is now lacking true spirit. When you have rap-metal bullshit bands such as the rising "Limp Bizkit", You have more and more kids liking it and believeing that THIS, bullshit music is real METAL!
The REAL Metal bands are the ones that don't rap for one, like the torch holders of metal, Pantera, Metallica, and even Iron Maiden.
Those are the true metal bands. There is too much confusion about these genres. Put rap and rap metal, along with all the other talentless groups and genres and just name it "Bullshit." Throw the cd's made by these genres and groups in the trash. Do the world of music a favor by showing your support for the bands that have real talent by going out and buying some cd's made by the classic rock groups such as "The Doors," "Jimi Hendrix," and "Led Zepellin."
An article, the truth, and my own opinion by Christian ...

Fred Durst of "Limp Bizkit."
Dimebag of "Pantera."
Jim Morrison of "The Doors."
Dr. Dre


  1. you are 999999999999% correct

    rap is gay to the xtreme. it's satanic. it's the reason we were attacked on 9-11. we deserved to be attacked and we deserve to be attacked again!!

  2. Quote: "rap is gay to the xtreme. it's satanic. it's the reason we were attacked on 9-11. we deserved to be attacked and we deserve to be attacked again!!"

    LoL.. This is so pathetic. First you accuse rap of being gay.. if it really ever had a sexuality. Now it has personal beliefs.. it now believes in Satanism. Then you proceed to claim the reason why 9-11 occured, was because Americans were listening to rap music.

    To be honest.. making statements like " we deserve to be attacked again " is quite funny. If you have a right to be judgemental I guess I have that same right as well. Your people are the ones who attacked USA in the first place. Are you saying to yourself, you don't know me? You're right I don't know you. I'm stereotyping you. You've done a quite good job doing it yourself..

    And to the originator and creator of this stupidity.. lol you as well as many more claim rappers have no talent.. they suck.. waste of air.. etc.. but not once has a anti-rap individual went on a journey to create a rap cd.. prove that it sales and anyone can do it.. and then use it in your battle against rap. No one has done it. So.. lol.. if rap is a genre of music without talent.. and a person of your status CAN NOT create the same performance of the said genre.. then one could be led to believe you're just blowing smoke out of your mouth. In other words.. you don't know what the fuck you're talking about.. so YO quit ya bitchin.. iight?


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