300 The Movie = The Fabrication of Great Persia/Greece Culture!

The 300 is the fabrication of great Persia/Greece CULTURE.
The 300 is a anagram, distortion, garble, and sophistication of Persian/Greek HISTORY.

فیلم 300 سیمایی است حضیض تر از هجو مرکب که در اذهان آیندگان فانی و مضحک رسد و دیری نپاید کز آن چون ملعبه ای نیز نام نبرند.


  1. دکتر کوتاه بیا. کشتیش که
    اینا از قول ابوسعید ابوالخیر نقل شده بود راجع به 300؟

  2. na Alijan male abolfarshid e abalmohammad bood :D

  3. ....Actually, this movie does not fabricate the ancient history, but it is simply a product that comes from the european-made fabrication. It is that old stupid western illusion which claims that "Europe was allways civilized / Asia was allways barbarian". But that is an OLD idea and only people who had never read history believe it.


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